Omatua Guiding Centre - Activities

Omatua is an outdoor activity venue with its own gardens, river access, ample surrounding countryside and a central location in the heart of Hawke’s Bay. There are plenty of activities for visiting groups to enjoy:
  • Orienteering
  • Hiking
  • River study
  • Camp/cook outs
  • Eeling
  • Sports
  • Swimming
  • River crossing
  • Tubing from Weka to Omatua
  • Canoeing (own canoes required)
The following resource material can be used in conjunction with your stay at Omatua.
Download these PDFs:
Visits to local schools, farms, gardens and wineries can also be self organised. Other local places of interest (transport required) include:
  • Balls Clearing
  • Mangatutu Hot Springs
  • Puketitri Museum
  • Historical Cemetery
  • Hutchinsons Reserve
  • Will Hartree Memorial Reserve
  • Kaweka Rangers Tramping (options)
The full array of Hawke’s Bays tourist attractions are also within easy reach.