About Girl Guiding Hawke's Bay

The GirlGuiding Hawke's Bay region extends from Napier in the north, to Woodville in the south. At present, 350 girls and 73 leaders participate in a large range of indoor and outdoor activities in our beautiful sunny region.
Our Hawke's Bay units cover the full spectrum of age groups from Pippins through Brownies, Guides and Rangers. There are also some very strong Trefoil groups, made up of ex-leaders and officios who still wish to remain in GirlGuiding. They co-ordinate their own meetings and activities as well as providing support of other GirlGuiding activities in the region.
We are all about girls and young women – offering them opportunities to develop their own special personalities and be themselves through a range of comprehensive programmes.
We believe that confidence, self-esteem and an awareness and appreciation of the outdoors can be gained through a combination of choice, co-operation and personal challenge.
GirlGuiding is a great way for girls to make new friends and enjoy a range of diverse activities in an environment of positive encouragement and fun.
Our statement of purpose:
We enable girls and young women to reach their potential and make a difference in the world.
Our vision:
A dynamic values based organisation, valued by girls, leaders and the community, continually strengthened through:
  • investing in quality leadership and quality girl-centred programmes
  • effectively utilising all our available resources (knowledge, people and finances)
  • building partnerships with our diverse communities and being responsive to changing needs
Our values:
GirlGuiding New Zealand will incorporate these values and attributes in its policies, processes, investments, operations and decision making:
  • valuing and empowering girls
  • honesty and reliability
  • a culture of friendliness and fun
  • connecting and working cooperatively with others and the community
  • responsible and accountable behaviour
  • respect and service to others
  • wise use of resources
  • accepting and providing challenges and learning from them
  • caring for the environment
  • cultural inclusiveness and understanding our global connections
This is achieved by:
  • acknowledging each individual by providing flexible and non-competitive learning opportunities
  • providing an open-minded, values-based foundation for our activities
  • providing supportive environments for girls and young women to experience friendship and fellowship
  • focusing our recreational activities around understanding, connecting to and helping our wider communities
  • acknowledging and celebrating cultural diversity and providing an inclusive environment where individuals’ backgrounds and experiences are accepted and understood.

Full information about all aspects of GirlGuiding in New Zealand can be found on our National website.